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Author: Marsan, Rameline E.
Title: Itinéraire espagnol du conte médiéval (VIIIs-XVs)
Date: 1974
Publication details: In Témoins de l'Espagne, Série Historique. Paris: Klincksieck, 1974.
Snow ID: 367
Commentary: Notes from Snow 1977: "A sweeping study of no small interest to Alfonsine scholars, which covers many of the CSM and demonstrates how much in the mainstream of medieval narrative they were. These poems are listed in the detailed summary on pp. 667-95 but not all, unhappily, appear in the index (I found at least thirteen references to Alfonso unindexed at least three of which include studies of cantigas: pp. 268, 290, and 428). M.'s commentary is useful, especially as her focus is comparative, thus making it one of the best broad studies of CSM analogues to date. Cantigas included deal with: mutilations, 174, 127, and 146(it.) (pp. 231-2); suicide, 26(it.) (p. 258); variations of the tale of the errant nun, 59(it.), 58, 55(it.), 94, and 285(it.)(pp. 260-9); the contesting powers of heaven and hell, 3, 155, 281, 216(it.)(pp. 283-91); the penitent man, 63(it.) (pp. 301-2); profanations, 34, 215, 12, 128, 208, and 104 (pp. 303-15); the lower passions, 5 and 355(it.) (pp. 418-25); cupidity, 175, 239, and 147(it.) (pp. 428-9, 455); and infant deaths, 4, 6, and 17 (pp. 547-50). The CSM in italics (it.) are those which appear, in full, in the Appendix.rnOne note of caution. References to miracles and shrines given on pp. 159-61 and in the corresponding notes on pp. 184-5 are faulty. For note 51, CSM 127 and 148 should be replaced by 302 and 311. In note 54, CSM 227, 234, and 243 are omitted. In note 56, CSM 227 and 293 are wrongly placed while the more appropriate 228 and 283 are omitted. In note 57, CSM 118 is left out. In note 58 (on Tudía) CSM 344 ought to be included.rnThe bibliography, given the scope of the work, is very ample."
Associated Poems: 3 - Theophilus
4 - The Murdered Jewish Boy
5 - The Chaste Empress
6 - The Murdered Chorister
12 - The Image of Christ Reviled by the Jews of Toledo
17 - The Woman who Committed Incest with her Son
26 - The Pilgrim to Santiago
34 - The Desecrated Image of the Virgin
55 - The Nun who Left the Convent
58 - The Nun who was Shown the Mouth of Hell
59 - The Nun who was Slapped by a Crucifix
63 - The Knight who Missed the Battle
94 - The Nun who Ran Away with a Knight
104 - The Bleeding Host
127 - The Young Man who Kicked his Mother
128 - The Peasant who Placed a Host in a Beehive
146 - The Man whose Eyes and Hands were Restored
147 - The Talking Sheep
155 - The Knight who Filled a Tankard with Tears
174 - The Knight who Cut out his Tongue
175 - The Pilgrim to Santiago who was Wrongly Hanged
208 - The Heretic who Placed a Host in a Beehive
215 - The Moors who Failed to Destroy a Statue of the Virgin
216 - The Knight who Pledged his Wife to the Devil
239 - The Man who Swore a False Oath
281 - The Knight who Became the Devil’s Vassal
285 - The Nun who Tried to Leave the Convent
355 - The Youth who Spurned a Girl’s Advances
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